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2- circuit controller R3V-421

2- circuit controller R3V-421
It is designed to continuous control of mixing valve for one or two heating circuits.

R3V-421 two-circuit controller of three/four-way valves

It is suitable for control of two heating circuits. Controls mixing valves, pumps and the boiler not only with respect to room temperature.

Is possible to choose a different kind of regulation for each circuit:

   1) Control according to room temperature with a temperature sensor (PI control)
   2) Control depending on the valve with respect to the room thermostat
   3) Weather-compensated control according to room temperature with a temperature sensor
   4) Weather compensated according to outdoor temperature with respect to the room thermostat
   5) Control by the return temperature with temperature sensor
   6) Control by the return temperature with respect to the room thermostat
   7) Service mode
   8) Summer mode


The regulation can be adapted to a given system using constants that determine such:

  • Overrun valve
  • Max. step of valve
  • Max. temperature of valve
  • Intervals of PI regulation
  • Constants for setting the heating curve
  • Run-out pump
  • Max. temperature of boiler
  • Protection against limescale
  • Temperature correction
  • Minim. temperature of return water etc.

Additional benefits include:

  • 7 weekly programs, 6 temperature changes for every day
  • Mode AUTO/ MANU/ OFF
  • Monitoring the maximum boiler temperature
  • Automatic adaptation of valve
  • Backup running clock after a power failure is more than 4 hours
  • Anti-freeze function
  • Automatic protection against limescale
  • Short-term changes in temperature
  • Information on temperatures at the sensor, the calculated temperature at the valve and valve position in %
  • Power supply 5 V/DC 500 mA (not include)
  • Possibility to connect up to 8 temperature sensors (included as sensors KO, VT, M1, V1, Z1 can be purchased at additional
  • Connection option for remote control thermostat
  • Max. output load is 5 A.
It can be used for example in the following systems:
  • single and multiple circuit systems (radiators, floor heating)
  • for discharging of storage tank
  • for solid fuel boilers (regulation of return water temperature)
  • where, does not regulate the heat according to outdoor temperature (equithermal regulation=weather-compensated reg.)