Electro-thermal actuator

Electro-thermal actuator at 230 V (without current closed NC).
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Description of product

Properties SEH30.23

Suitable as a replacement of small heads for distributors for various areas of floor heating. This actuator can be centrally controlled by system PT41 or by wireless systems PocketHome®  (PH-BP1-P9a PH-BP1-V).

SEH30.23 is designed for radiator and zone valves. Can be used with 2-position valves for silent regulating the flow hot / cold water system with radiators, underfloor heating or air conditioning unit.
SEH30.23 je v provedení - bez napětí zůstává ventil uzavřen (NC).


Advantages SEH30.23:

  • force 110N
  • no mounting tools required
  • noise-free operation
  • valve interface M30 x 1,5 mm
  • small dimensions



Power supply 230 V/ 50 Hz
Power consumption 2 W
Imax 200 mA
Force ~ 110 N
Stroke 3 mm
Running time 3 to 5 minut
Valve interface Cap nut M30x1.5
Mounting position Vertical position to 90°declined (for internal use)
Material of body Self-extinguishing PC
Protection IP54
Cable Length 90 cm
Operating temperature -5°C to +60°C


Technical specification

Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz
Drive type NC (no tension closed)
Power consumption 2.000000000 W
Imax 0 A
Force 110 N
Rated lift 3 mm
Running time 3 min to 5 min
Připojení k ventilu union nut (M30x1,5)
Mounting position vertical and to 90 ° (for indoor use)
Body material self-extinguishing plastic
Protection IP54
Cable length 90 cm
Working temperature -5 °C to 60 °C

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