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Intelligent thermostat

Room-thermostat with a large backlit display, and intelligent control. In addition, you connect the GSM module (GST1/GST2) for remote temperature control via mobile phone.
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Description of product

Properties PT32:

PT32 is a battery-powered room temperature with a backlit display. The thermostat can be connected to all boilers requiring potential-free (voltage-free) switching contacts (such as gas boilers, electric boilers, circulation pumps, thermoelectric drives or conditioning units).

Advantages PT32:

  • 9 weekly programs
  • 6 temperature changes per day
  • programming by 10 minutes and 0.5 °C
  • programming “day-by-day” or Mon-Fri,Sat-Sun and Mon-Sun
  • big backlit graphic display
  • possibility of setting PI regulation or HYSTERESIS
  • preliminary heating start function
  • short-term change in the required temp.
  • manual mode (MANU)
  • permanent off (OFF)
  • HOLIDAY mode
  • summer mode
  • even-odd week selection
  • current temperature correction
  • key lock
  • boiler operating hours total
  • boiler maintenance indication
  • anti-freeze protection (3 °C)
  • TEST function
  • automatic SUMMER/ WINTER time change
  • flat battery indication
  • possibility of using GSM module (GST1 or GST2) for control with mobile phone
  • powered by 2 x 1.5 V/AA
  • output (potential-free contact) max. 5 A/ 250 V AC


Power supply 2 x 1,5 V alkal. batteries R6/AA
Number of temp. changes 6 temperature changes per day
Hysteresis 0,1°C to 6°C
Switching element relay
Minimum program. time 10 min.
Adjustable temp. range +5°C to +39°C
Temperature setting by 0,5°C
Minimum indication step 0,1°C
Measurement accuracy ±0,5°C
Battery life heating season
Protection IP20
Output max. 5 A
Working temperature 0°C to +40°C


Technical specification

Power supply battery (2x1,5V R6/AA)
Thermostat type wire
Type of control hysteresis/PI control/PID control
Accuracy +/- 0,5 °C
Dimensions (LxWxD) 136,5x83x28,5 mm
Protection IP20
Working temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Switching element relay
Output 5 A
Temperature changes per day 6
Range of adjustable temperature 3 °C to 39 °C
Temperature setting by 0, 5 °C
Min. programming time 10 min
Min. indication step 0, 1 °C

Downloads files

File name Size
PT32-instruction 561.09 kB Download
pt22_size.jpg 328.37 kB Download
epos_pt22(pt32).pdf 1.34 MB Download

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