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Thermostat with GSM mdule

Thermostat with GSM mdule
Two devices in one product! Thermostat with embedded GSM module. Just insert your SIM card and begin to regulate the temperature of the house remotely via a mobile phone.

PT32 GST - Room thermostat with GSM module

Intelligent thermostat with a new PID control function for optimal thermal comfort and with possibility controlling via your mobile phone.

Advantages of PT32 GST:

  • 9 weekly programs
  • 6 temperature changes per day
  • programming by 10 minutes and 0.5 °C
  • programming “day-by-day” or Mon-Fri,Sat-Sun and Mon-Sun
  • big backlit graphic display
  • intuitive navigation in the selected language (CZ/PL/EN/DE/RU/SVK)
  • possibility of setting  HYSTERESIS, PI regulation or PID regulation
  • preliminary heating start function
  • possibility of connectin an external temp. sensor
  • possibility change mode HEATING/COOLING
  • short-term change in the required temp
  • manual mode (MANU)
  • permanent off (OFF)
  • HOLIDAY mode
  • summer mode
  • even-odd week selection
  • current temperature correction
  • key lock
  • boiler operating hours total
  • boiler maintenance indication
  • anti-freeze protection (3 °C)
  • TEST function
  • automatic SUMMER/ WINTER time change
  • servis password
  • powered by 5 V/ DC, 2.5 A, type AD05 - Jack (included)
  • backup of time with alkal. bat. 2 x 1.5 V/AA (not included)
  • output (potential-free contact) max. 5 A/ 250 V AC