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Three/four-way valve controller

Controller of three-way valves R3V with the choice on the type of regulation according to heating system.
2 965 Kč 2 450 Kč without VAT

Description of product

Properties of R3V:

According to the selected type (mode) control is possible, by setting the constants to adjust the regulation of a given system.
Application of such finds in these systems
  - single and multiple circuit systems (radiators, floor heating)
  - demand for storage tanks
  - for solid fuel boilers (regulation of retur water temperature)
  - where, does not regulate the heat according to outdoor temperature

    (equithermal regulation=weather-compensated reg.)


Type of regulation:

  • Regulation under room temperature (PI control)
  • Weather-compensated control with correction according to room temperature
  • Weather-compensated control according to outdoor temperature
  • Regulation under the temperature of the valve
  • Regulation under the temperature of return water

Advantages of R3V:

  • 7 weekly programs, 6 temperature changes for every day
  • Anti-freeze function
  • Automatic protection against water incrustation
  • Short-term changes in temperature
  • Information on temperatures at the sensor, the calculated temperature at the valve and valve position in%
  • Power supply 5 V/DC 500 mA (not include)
  • Possibility to connect up to 4 temperature sensors (sensor 2xCT01-10k, 1x CT02-10k are included)
  • Connection option for remote control thermostat
  • Max. output load is 5 A.


Power supply

source 5V/DC, 500mA

AD05, AD05-DIN

I max (output) 5 A
Number of setting temp. 6 per day
Min. program. time 10 min.
Temperature range +2°C to +99°C
Setting temperature po 0,5°C
Min.indicative leap 0,1°C
Accuracy of measure ±0,5°C
Protection IP20
Max.number of temp. sensors 4
Possibility of connect wireless thermostat yes
Operating temperature 0°C to +40°C


Technical specification

Power supply universal / 5,0 V / 0.5 A, DC (AD05-DIN not included)
Thermostat type wire
Type of control PI control/OTC/by return water
Accuracy 0,5 °C
Dimensions (LxWxD) 80x110x31 mm
Protection IP20
Working temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Switching element triac (pro čerpadlo-relé 5A)
Output 0,5 A (only for resistive and inductive load)
Max. the number of temp. sensors 4 (for temp. sensors/ thermostats)
Range of adjustable temperature 2 °C to 99 °C
Consumption 1 VA

Downloads files

File name Size
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EPoS_r3v.pdf 482.38 kB Download

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