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Wireless control unit


The wireless control unit for controlling the radiators with the possibility of inclusion in the system PocketHome®.

1 815 Kč 1 500 Kč without VAT

Description of product

Properties PH-BHD:

is primarily designed for the regulation of radiators in a single room. Here, the control unit fulfils the of a wireless room thermostat (tempearature sensor). According to the temperature in the reference room, in which it is located, it controls the radiator valve and regulates the whole heating system according to the preset program..


Advantages PH-BHD:

  • 9 weekly temperature programs (optional)
  • controls max. 99 digital radiator controllers (PH-HD01/ PH-HD20)
  • holiday mode
  • summer mode
  • the possibility of management through GSM module (GST1/GST2)
  • information on connected devices
  • automatic changeover to the summer (winter) time
  • indication of operating hours
  • calendar 2025
  • E-EPROM memory for unlimited data storage
  • possibility of integration in the PocketHome® system, in which it becomes
    a subordinate element of the central unit PH-CJ37 / PH-CJ37 Plus

Technical specification

Power supply 3, 0 V (2x1,5V R6/AA)
Communication type two-way
Frequency 433, 92 MHz
Range on the open area 200 m
Range in built-up area 25 m
Temperature changes per day 6
Range of adjustable temperature 3 °C to 39 °C
Min. programming time 10 min
Temperature setting by 0, 5 °C
Min. indication step 0, 1 °C
Accuracy 0,5 °C
Battery life 1-3 years
Protection IP20
Working temperature 0 °C to 40 °C

Downloads files

File name Size
ph_bhd_v1112_cz.pdf 512.55 kB Download
cj_size.jpg 65.4 kB Download

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