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Wireless thermostat BPT32

Wireless thermostat BPT32
Wireless thermostat with possibility of choose type of control and other features. The advantage is remote control of temperature by mobile phone adding GSM module.

BPT32 wireless room thermostat

It is designed for automatic control of heating in areas where it is costly or impossible pulling wires from the thermostat to the boiler. The advantage is the ability to select the type of regulation and the choice of a forward-looking system which will ensure the desired temperature at the desired time.

BIG, clear, orange-backlit display provides easy operation in the chosen language. Other benefits include a modern design indoor unit and easy mounting of the receiver to the boiler.


Advantages BPT32:

  • range about 35 m (in building)
  • coded two-way communication 433.92 MHz
  • 9 weekly programms
  • 6 temperature changes per day
  • programming by 10 minutes and 0.5 °C
  • programming “day-by-day” or Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun and Mon-Sun
  • big backlit graphic display
  • intuitive navigation in the chosen language (CZ/PL/EN/DE/RU/SVK)
  • possibility of setting PI regulation or HYSTERESIS
  • preliminary heating start function
  • even-odd week selection
  • current temperature correction
  • key lock
  • boiler operating hours total
  • manual mode (MANU)
  • permanent (OFF)
  • HOLIDAY mode
  • anti-freeze protection (3 °C)
  • short-term change in the required temperature
  • TEST function
  • automatic SUMMER / WINTER time change
  • possibility of using GSM module (GST1 or GST2) for control with mobile phone
  • power supply of room unit is alkal. batteries 2 x 1.5 V/AA
  • flat battery indication
  • indication of the current state of colored LEDs on the receiver
  • manually change mode on receiver (AUTO / OFF / ON)
  • the emergency mode of receiver when is loss of signal (8 minutes is off and 2 minutes is heating switch on)
  • the socket of the receiver is THROUGH – it is possible to connect further appliance
  • output of receiver (free-voltage contact) max. 8 A/ 250 V AC