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WiFi Thermostat

PT32 WiFi (verze 12.01+)

Smart thermostat with WiFi control. With application EOB PT-WiFi for smartphones, you can fully control your heating system not only over the Internet.

4 780 Kč 3 950 Kč bez VAT

Opis produktu

Properties PT32 WiFi:


PT32 WiFi is an intelligent digital digital thermostat with implemented WiFi module and internal antenna. It is suitable for all boilers requiring potential-free (potential-free) switching contacts (eg gas boilers, electric boilers, circulation pumps, thermoelectric drives or air conditioning units).


App for win10  FREE download on Windows store

App for android FREE download on Googleplay


App for iOS FREE download on App Store


App EOB PT-WiFi allows you to:

  • WiFi settings - it is not necessary to have a public IP address, first commissioning, quick commissioning
  • creating an account on server ELEKTROBOCK CZ
  • setting the thermostat constants from a smartphone (android, iOS) or a computer (with Win10)
  • service modes
  • keyboard lock with code
  • quick change of thermostat mode (AUTO / MANU / OFF / Summer mode)
  • setting holiday mode from - to with constant temperature
  • setting temperature programs
  • add users for the thermostat and their management
  • possibility to control multiple thermostats from one application
  • remote control of thermostat from PC from remote location in the world

Ways to control the new PT32 WiFi (version 12.01+):

  1. Control via SERVER (anywhere in the Internet connection).
  2. Control within reach of your router (home). If you have a public IP address, you can control outside your home network.
  3. Control within the apartment, where there is no WiFi connection. The thermostat creates its own WiFi hotspot (AP-access point).
  4. Controlling and setting the thermostat via USB cable using a Win10 PC.
  5. Manual control, you always know what's going on and you can manually adjust the thermostat.


Advantages PT32 WiFi:

  • 9 weekly programs
  • 6 temperature changes per day
  • programming after 10 minutes and 0.5 ° C
  • programming after day or Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun and Mon-Sun
  • large clear backlit graphic display
  • intuitive navigation in selected language (CZ / PL / EN / DE / RU / SVK)
  • Possibility to set HYSTERESIS, PI regulation or PID control
  • the function of early switching on the heating
  • possibility of connecting an external sensor, eg for monitoring the floor temperature
  • select HEAT / COOL mode
  • short-term change in the desired temperature
  • manual mode (MANU)
  • permanent off
  • HOLIDAY mode
  • summer mode
  • Even-odd choice
  • current temperature correction
  • key lock
  • sum of boiler operating hours
  • boiler maintenance indication
  • frost protection (3 ° C)
  • TEST function
  • change option SUMMER / WINTER time
  • service password
  • power supply 5 V / DC, 2.5 A, type AD05 - Jack (included)
  • output (potential-free contact) max. 5 A / 250 V AC



Techniczne parametry

Zasilanie uniwersalne / 5,0 V / 2.5 A, DC (AD05-Jack w zestawie)
Typ termostatu s modulem WiFi
Rodzaj sterowania histereza/PI regulacja/PID regulacja
Błąd pomiaru 0,5 °C
Rozmiar (DxSxH) 136,5x83x28,5 mm
Stopień ochrony IP20
Temperatura pracy 0 °C do 40 °C
Element przełączający przekaźnik
Wyjście 5 A
Bateria zapasowa Nie
Zmiany temperatury na dobę 6
Zakres regulacji temperatury 3 °C do 39 °C
Ustawienie temperatury 0, 5 °C
Min. czas programowania 10 min
Min. skok indykacyjny 0, 1 °C

Pliki do pobrania

Nazwa pliku Rozmiar
PT32 WiFi -szybky start 2,77 MB Pobierz
PT32 WiFi (v12.01+)-instrukcja 3,55 MB Pobierz
pt32wifi-letak_cz.pdf 2,96 MB Pobierz

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