Wireless transmitter with magnetic contact

WS320 Numer katalogowy: 3320

The WS320 is designed for remote control of WS3xx receivers!

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Opis produktu

Properties of the WS320 wireless transmitter:

NEW from 1 March 2020 ADJUSTABLE CONTACT, for different location heights!

Control of the circulating pump - after opening the door to the bathroom, a signal is transmitted to the receiver which activates the circulating pump. Early activation of the pump guarantees hot water in the bathroom before you turn the tap-this significantly reduces water consumption!

When deactivating the magnetic contact a signal is transmitted to the receiver, which activates the connected device (such as a pump). When re-reactivating the magnetic contact in time within 10 minutes after the signal is transmitted, the transmission is blocked. The output status on the receiver can be changed (at a time of less than 10 minutes) by the mere press of a button on the transmitter.

WS320 and its use:

  • activation of the pump (return valve)
  • activation of the heater
  • additional heating of domestic hot water
  • control of outdoor lighting for a period of 1s to 8 hours.
  • WS306 + WS320 door contact with signalling


Techniczne parametry

Zasilanie 3 V , CR2430
Moc sygnału 10 mW
Frekwencja 433, 92 MHz
Stopień ochrony IP20
Żywotność baterii 5 lat
Temperatura pracy 0 °C do 50 °C

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