Floor heating controls

Wireless controller for control of the floor heating, according to the required temperature in the room is switching to the pump (diverter/three-way valve) for individual heating circuits.

Funk-Thermostat für Elektroheizung
PH-ET7-V ist ein drahtloser Thermostat (Sender), der auf der Basis der Soll…
1 198 Kč 990 Kč without VAT
Floor heating controller
under construction
2 662 Kč 2 200 Kč without VAT
Funk-Sender für Fußbodenheizung
Raumthermostat für Zonenregelung mit Fußbodenheizung.
1 004 Kč 830 Kč without VAT
Funk-Thermostat für Fussbodenheizung
Raumthermostat für Zonenregelung der Fussbodenheizung.
1 198 Kč 990 Kč without VAT
Wirelles receiver with external sensor
It is suitable for hot water underfloor heating and electric heating mats. The…
1 498 Kč 1 238 Kč without VAT
9 chanell - wireless receiver
The 9-channel receiver for wireless control of individual rooms (zone control) in…
3 388 Kč 2 800 Kč without VAT
Power supply for PT41-M (S)
Power supply for units PT41-M(S).
787 Kč 650 Kč without VAT