GSM module

Remote control central unit via SMS from your mobile phone.

GSM socket
The TS11 GST is used to control appliances with short messages or ringing from a…
2 408 Kč 1 990 Kč without VAT
Universal GSM module
It is used for remote control of appliances by mobile phone.
3 388 Kč 2 800 Kč without VAT
GST Antenna of external 9dB
Magnetic GSM antenna with gain of 9 dB and 3.5 m long cable.
605 Kč 500 Kč without VAT
Power supply
Adapter for powering GSM modules, central units and wireless doorbells.
315 Kč 260 Kč without VAT
Built-in 5V switching power supply
It is designed to supply our company products with installation into an…
478 Kč 395 Kč without VAT