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Thermostat with OT communication

Thermostat with OT communication
PT52 is a new controller with OpenTherm Plus (OT +) communications.

PT52 - Room thermostat with OpenTherm Plus communication

The thermostat is suitable for most boilers with OpenTherm Plus (OT +). Allows selection of the type of boiler (eg Thermona, Dakon, Geminox, Quantum, Viessmann, Ferroli).


  • large backlit graphic display
  • easy programming with navigation in selected language (CZ/PL/EN/DE/RU/SVK)
  • powered directly across the OpenTherm line
  • 9 weekly programs for central heating (6 temperature changes per day)
  • 1 weekly program for hot service water (3 temperature changes per day)
  • control type selection

        - equithermal control

        - equithermal control with correction according to the internal temperature

        - PI regulation

  • preliminary heating switch-on function
  • quick change of the required C.H. temp.
  • quick change of the required D.H.W.temp.
  • A quick list of the most important information
  • HOLIDAY mode
  • even-odd week selection
  • boiler maintenance indication
  • anti-freeze protection
  • automatic SUMMER / WINTER time changeover
  • summer mode
  • indication of error messages from boiler
  • Servis password
  • clock operation backup for about 8 hours