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Wireless ceiling sensor

IR28B W-link Order number: 930

Wireless version of the IR28B Profi sensor for multistory buildings. It is intended for switching of both LAMPS and FLUORESCENT LAMPS.

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Description of product

Properties IR28B W-link:

During passage between fl oors, the lighting switches automatically also in the following fl oor = SAFETY SOLUTION OF STAIRCASE LIGHTING (you enter never the darkness!)
The coding system enables to teach one sensor to 6 codes. The teaching system is very easy in practice. Code of the sensor placed between two fl oors is sent in the teaching mode to sensors that will be placed under and above this fl oor. We proceed in this way up to the last fl oor. If there will be the sensor detection in one fl oor, the sensors learned to the same code will switch automatically in the nearest fl oors. The system is extensible by the wireless key case (WS310) that can switch/switch off permanently the light in the fl oor (when cleaning, the lighting can be switched in the certain fl oor and to save on energy in this way). We prepare also the wireless controller with the same functions in the Venus design (for installation directly on the KU/KP68 boxes).




Technical specification

Power supply plug
Installation Method ceiling
Sensor type wireless
Type of use indoor
Detection angle 360 °
Detection distance 0 m to 12 m
Adjustable time 5 s to 10 min
Sensitivity to light 3 Lux to 1000 Lux
Installation without of the zero wire No
Protection IP20
Working temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Vf power 10 mW
Frequency 433, 92 MHz
Range in built-up area 15 m
Battery life It is not

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