Ceiling motion sensor

IR28B Klasik Order number: 935

It is designed for switching light-bulb and fluorescent lamp.

593 Kč 490 Kč without VAT 0,42 bez DPH (RP není součástí ceny)

Description of product

Properties IR28B Klasik:

It serves for automatic switching of lighting after disturbing the detection field in the horizontal and vertical plane (there are 3 sensors inside). The internal circuit with current shock protection when switching capacitive loads increases the contact resistance of the used relay. It is exclusively intended for indoor use.


Technical specification

Power supply plug
Installation Method ceiling
Sensor type wire
Type of use indoor IP20
Detection angle 360 °
Detection distance 0 m to 12 m
Adjustable time 5 s to 10 min
Sensitivity to light 3 Lux to 1000 Lux
Installation without of the zero wire No
Protection IP20
Working temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Load 2300 W
Imax 10 A
Switching element relay

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