Slave unit

PT41-S Order number: 4412
Electronic unit called SLAVE (minor), which is used for system expansion PT41.
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Description of product

Proprerties PT41-S:

NEW VERSION FROM 1.12.2014 (firmware 12.02)!

Offers the following improvements:

  • control the system via internet
  • connection of temp. sensors or room-thermostats
  • option of priority of switching zones
  • temperature correction
  • system can be used not only for hot water underfloor heating
  • the ability to sync from a PC or vice versa from the unit to PC

Each unit PT41-S is able to regulate the temperature in the other 8-rooms.

Function PT41-S:

  • controls up to 8 zones according to the program of PT41-CJ (or PC)
  • every change of status is indicated by LED on the front panel
  • after recording constants and programs PT41-CJ / PC operates autonomously (central unit / PC may not be connected permanently)
  • is expandable with additional units (PT41-M or PT41-S for more zones)

The unit PT41-S can be placed before the unit PT41-M. But in that case, if the closing of some of the 8-zone units PT41-S does not affect the status of the outputs for the pump and boiler in units PT41-M! This involvement PT41-S is only suitable for heating zone, where priority is not necessary to turn the boiler eg. Hallways, garage etc.


  • CONVERTER PRE-RS232/USB (including software for PC- FREE)
  • CONVERTER PRE-10 (or PRE-20, PRE-30) for the remote control



Power supply 5V/2,5A, DC
Type of communication by RS232 link
Number of inputs 8 (for temp. sensors or thermostats)
Number of outputs 8 (Imax=6A)
Protection IP20
Operating temperature 0°C to +40°C


Technical specification

Power supply 5 V / 2.5 A, DC (AD05-DIN not icluded)
Communication type through RS232/ remote via internet
Switching element relay
Max. the number of temp. sensors 8 (pro teplotní čidla(max.délka 50m)/ termostaty)
Number of outputs 8
Protection IP20
Working temperature 0 °C to 40 °C

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pt41_priklady_zapojeni.indd.pdf 5.25 MB Download
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