Smoke detector

LX738 Order number: 181

Sensitive sensors respond to a small amount of smoke entering into the detection comoros and runs loud acoustic signal as a warning to the emerging threat.

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Description of product

Properties smoke detector LX738:

For all directions, it is guaranteed a higher sensitivity and faster detection of smoke.


Advantages LX738:

  • works on the principle of scattered light
  • solution of plastic parts prevents the assembly without batteries
  • optical and acoustic indication of a weak battery
  • quick test button on the top cover of detector
  • the possibility of linking multiple alarms





Technical specification

Power supply 9 V , alkal. bateries (typ 6LF22)
Battery life 1-3 years
Detection chamber Optical
Loudness 85 dB
Consumption 0, 010 mA (working < 10 mA)
Low battery indication 7V ±0,5V
Protection IP42
Service life 3-5 years
Working temperature 0 °C to 50 °C
Dimensions (LxWxD) 103x50 mm

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