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Touch lighting controller (dimmer) DR3-S allows the switch, switch, and change the intensity of light at the touch the bottom or top of the fingerboard.

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Description of product

Properties DR3-S:

Profitably, the last intensity settings are preserved in the controller memory and simulation of presence of persons function. The lower light intensity not only results in electric power savings but also protects your sight.

Function, at which there is an automatic (random) switching on and off of the lighting activates after dark. Then switching on of the lighting impress a possible observer that somebody is in the room.

It is quick and easy installation. The controller is divided into the power part and the main microprocessor part, which can be connected by simple insertion of the interconnecting terminals. The input conductors are connected to the power part terminals and fastened to the junction box; then you can simply fi nish the installation by inserting the main part onto the power part.



DR3-SD cannot be used for these types of loads: energy saving bulbs, fluorescent lamps, electronic transformers, LED (for remote control of LED lighting system can be use system WS3xx).

Technical specification

Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz
Resistive load 40 W to 350 W
Inductive load 40 VA to 200 VA
Switching element triac
Max. cross-wire installation 2, 5 mm2
Fuse Yes (F 2 A/ 1500 A, 250 V)
Protection IP20
Working temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Touch control Yes
IR control by remote controller No
System of learning of IR codes No
LED light indication Yes
Sound indication No
Possible control from more places Yes
Memory of the last set intensity Yes
Smooth start of lighting Yes
Automatic shut off after 8 hours Yes
Simulation of Presence of persons Yes
Use for transformers No
Suitable for LED No
Immune to interference Yes
Silent operation No

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