Wireless doorbell

BZ11-bílá Order number: 1111

Wireless doorbell suitable wherever the receiver needs to be permanently placed in a 230V socket.

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Description of product

Properties BZ11:

It is designed for medium ranges. Volume control!!
Set : 1xreceiver and 1xtransmitter

Technical specification

Doorbel type wireless
Power supply plug (230 VAC/ 50 Hz)
Loudness 60 dB
Sound gong
Consumption 1, 5 VA
Protection IP20
Working temperature 0 °C to 50 °C
Range on the open area 100 m
Range in built-up area 50 m
Sensitivity -86 dBm
Power supply 12 V L1028, 23A
Vf power 0,02 mW
Frequency 433, 92 MHz
Protection IP40
Battery life 1.5 years
Working temperature -10 °C to 50 °C

Downloads files

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