Wireless thermostat with OpenTherm


The fi rst WIRELESS THERMOSTAT for operation of heat sources with the OpenTherm communication.

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Description of product

Properties BPT55:

The first wireless thermostat, which can be used all the advantages of heating system with a communication protocol OpenTherm, and thus achieve higher energy savings for heating!

Advantages BPT55:

  • equithermal control
  • equithermal control with manual correction curve
  • equithermal control with correction according to the internal temperature
  • constant of the building influence
  • PI control
  • premature activation of the heating (PZT)
  • Set nimima and maximum water temperature in the heating system
  • Program for DHW (3 time slots per day)
  • holiday mode
  • summer mode
  • thermostat can be displaced
  • option eight week programs for CH (with six temperature changes per day)
  • option one weekly program for DHW (with three time intervals per day)
  • big LCD
  • info about the operating hours for the CH/DHW
  • info about outside temperature
  • info about heating water temperature and modulation power of boiler
  • info about flow in liters and on the return pipe temperature...
  • E-EPROM memory - programming is retained in memory even if the batteries are removed
  • possibility to control by mobil phone with modul GST1 (can buy)




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