Thermostat controlled via mobile phone

Control of heating networks using GSM mobile phones.
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Description of product

Properties PT30GST:

Thermostat PT30GST contains spatial thermostat PT30, GSM module (GST1), antenna, power supply and data-cable. Digital thermostat PT30 is extended to the possibility of long-distance communication over the GSM network. The advantage of this group is simple to use, possibility to connect an external antenna in low signal strength indication and ongoing functions using color LED. A two-way communication via SMS between the User and thermostat.

Advantages PT30GST:

  • Simple SMS can change the desired temperature
  • Foresighted system - setting temperature in desiderative time
  • PI (Proportionally - Integrative) regulation
  • E-EPROM memory - programming is retained in memory even if the batteries are removed
  • Choice for PI regulation or hysteresis (0,1~1,5°C)
  • For every day can be the other programme ( 6 temperatures for every day)
  • Two adjustable programms and seven setting from production
  • Choice for even or odd week
  • Automatic change to winter or summer time
  • Measure temperatures from -9°C to +39°C
  • Calendar to 2020 year
  • Short-term change of temperature
  • Automatic indication of service-boiler
  • Indication of working hours
  • Function - HOLIDAY
  • Function - COPY


houses, recreational buildings, offices, apartments

USER sends SMS for following functions:
  • the status of the thermostat
  • change the temperature
  • off system


Power supply 2 x 1,5 V alkal. R6/AA
Number of setting temp. 6 for day
Hysteresis 0,1°C to 1,5°C
Switching element relay
Min. program. time 10 min.
Temperature range +2°C to +39°C
Setting temperature for 0,5°C
Min.indicative leap 0,1°C
Accuracy of measure ±0,5°C
Protection IP20
Output max. 5 A
Operating temperature 0°C to +40°C



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